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TIME SPECIALE 8/12 GRIP BOLTS/PINSIncrease your grip! Eventually, after a lot of hard riding in harsh conditions, pedal grip pins can wear down and provide less grip over time. The Time Speciale 8/12 Grip Bolts/Pins are the solution to fading grip caused by worn or missing pins. This easy-to-install set of pins lets you replace those pins in your Time Speciale 8 and Speciale 12 pedals, requiring only a single hex wrench to install or remove. This kit also includes a set of 4 tension screws to help maintain proper cleat tension by replacing damaged or missing tension adjustment screws. Get rolling in grippy confidence with the Time Speciale 8/12 Grip Bolts/Pins. FeaturesFully compatiblewith Time Speciale 8 and 12 pedalsEasy to replace only requiring a hex wrench for installation/removalSet of 16 grip pins to replace all 8 on each pedalIncludes 4 tension screws for easy replacement of lost or damaged tension screwsSpecificationsQuantity16 Grip Pins, 4 Tension ScrewsManufacturer's Part Number11. 6718. 000. 007 | Time | SPECIALE 8/12 GRIP BOLTS/PINS SPECIALE 8/12

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