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When we think of Bianchi, we think of road riding and the feeling of flying across tarmac. We think of pushing limits, racing hard, and searching for that high we get from a serious day of riding. With Bianchi's Oltre XR3 CV Disc Ultegra Di2 Road Bike, we're seeing a bike that can deliver that level of performance and power we're searching for. It's an extension of the Oltre range, and it rivals the performance of the XR4. The Oltre XR3 is slightly more cost-effective with a slightly heavier carbon construction, but it's still the bike we're turning to when we're searching for a light, fast, and versatile ride. Bianchi employs a new carbon frame and fork for the Oltre XR3 that works as an integrated system, specifically with the new disc brakes. This setup ensures the Oltre maintains its aerodynamic advantage. Similarly, Bianchi's new aero seatpost features an integrated look. Disc brakes allow for maximum braking efficiency and a clean aero form so riders can keep up the speed with confidence. Bianchi ensures we'll see precise and powerful braking with complete control in all conditions. Rain or shine, disc brakes have your back. The Oltre XR3 employs Bianchi's CounterVail technology to cancel out any harsh road vibrations for a smoother, more tuned-in ride. With this tech, aero positions can be held for longer and riders will see less muscle fatigue and more energy. Bianchi's CV system cancels up to 80% of road vibrations by combining viscoelastic material with a special carbon-fiber construction so we can ride on without being bothered by chatter under our wheels.

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